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» » » Safety guard gate – Type P
Safety gate / Pallet gate

Tilting safety gate - forming a door in the front


The P-type pallet gate (tilting gate) meets the need for a double function: safety gate and door.

The door opens onto the outside of a building; it is made of aluminium cladding and anti-intrusion, and integrates perfectly into the façade (different finishes are available).

The door is semi-sealed: the gaps are covered with brushes: it can withstand bad weather.

It is also possible to insulate the front part when there are two different thermal environments.

When the load is placed on the mezzanine, the operator can manipulate the gate to close the edge side. This makes it safe for unloading operations.



All of our safety gates are custom-made according to the customer's specifications.


The pallet gate type P is TÜV-certified and made in France in our workshop at Marcilly en Villette.

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Safety gate type P :

- Forming a door in the front of a building.
- Easy manoeuvrability.
- Tailor-made.
- Robust construction.
Pallet gate forming a P-type door
Tailor-made quotation
Safety gate type PB4:

- Forming a door in the front of a building.
- Loads can be picked up from above.
- Reduced ground space.
- Easy manoeuvrability.
- Tailor-made.
Safety gate type PB
Tailor-made quotation
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