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» » » MAGAPAL ® – the pallet magazine for a single pallet stack
MAGAPAL ® – the autonomous pallet magazine

MAGAPAL® - the pallet magazine for a simple pallet stack


Again and again, in the order preparation or reception areas, operators have to be quick, there is no time to take safety measures, and you don't want to bother with additional equipment. Unfortunately, this is when accidents happen, such as falling from the top of a stack of pallets when the operator wants to pick up the top one, lumbago when making a wrong move, splinters in the finger when picking up a damaged pallet.

The MAGAPAL® avoids this kind of situation.

This pallet storage system is an automatic or manual pallet storage and/or retrieval system.

It is suitable for single-format pallets: 800×1200 mm EUR or 1000×1200 mm - Thickness 144 mm + 15 / - 5 mm.

A safety cell barrier prevents the crushing of an operator's feet and allows the detection of an obstacle under the stack.

The magazine is fully enclosed on three sides, over its entire height, in order to comply with the NF EN 294 standard relating to the safety distances of machines.

The high lift height of the stack allows pallets to be picked up from the ground by means of an electric pallet truck without risk of snagging (approximately 100 mm clearance between the top of the pallet and the bottom of the stack).

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Product advantages:

- Easy pallet picking.
- Robust construction.
- Prevents RSI and the risk of falling from the top of the pallet stack.
MAGAPAL® - the pallet magazine for simple pallet stacks
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