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» » Access on the domes of tankers and containers

Product advantages:

- Fixed access system on ISO containers.
- Clearance of the area for moving the ISO container via an overhead crane.
- No maintenance required.
Fully folding stairs TRIAX
Tailor-made quotation
Product advantages:

- Safe operation inside a safety cage.
- Easy to move thanks to the patented manoeuvring drawbar.
- Suitable for restricted manoeuvring areas.
Safety ladder with lateral access
Tailor-made quotation
Product advantages :

- Fixed access system on tanker domes and ISO containers.
- Easy and safe access.
- Easy manoeuvrability.
- Customised safety cage.
Vehicle access protection TRIAX
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Safety mobile ladder, vehicle access protection and folding stairs

Top domes can be accessed by using a mobile ladder or folding stairs.

Access to and work on road and rail tank domes means taking serious accident risks (falls from heights of more than 2.5 m) if the necessary protective equipment is not in place to protect the operators.

Users can be confronted with two types of situations during these interventions: either from a fixed station or from a mobile station.

TRIAX offers solutions adapted to the different situations encountered.

Focus on tanker trucks

Supporting companies in their tank and container dome operations remains our main concern. In addition to the equipment for securing the transport of pallets between different floors (stacking pallets), and the securing of hoppers with manual and automatic flap doors as well as safety gates, we also offer solutions for a safe access on the dome of road vehicles (tankers and containers) and rail vehicles.


Efficient fleet management

The forwarders of liquids or powders use road tankers or containers / isotainers. This type of transport involves a very special way of loading and unloading (gravity loading handles, articulated arms, etc.), as well as a necessity of cleaning and sampling operations on the vehicle dome. Employees must avoid taking risks that may cause falls from the top of the tank. Herefore, we offer different collective protection structures with mobile or fixed access.

Mobile access is via a mobile safety ladder for tankers or containers. It allows safe access to and interventions on the tank dome , while being protected by the safety cage (cantilever).


For safe access via a fixed structure, TRIAX offers other systems designed to make the operator's access to the vehicle dome safer and easier: folding stairways, complete top dome protection, vehicle access protection...


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