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» New: fully folding stairs
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How to protect the security installation of oversize vehicles?

Access to a container or isotainer from a fixed position always involves a risk of falling for the operator.

It must be adequately secured, but this is not always easy to achieve, as the work areas often have important space constraints.

The situation becomes even more complicated when oversized vehicles or special machines pass through the area, as they can damage the installed protection if it protrudes even slightly beyond the attachment point.


The fully folding stairs is the "latest" int the TRIAX folding stairs range.




It is made of anti-corrosion treated steel with a 19-ball waterproof aluminium grating floor.

Fully collapsible, it is space-saving in resting mode.

It is a practical and innovative solution for the securing of workstations that do not allow the installation of a "conventional" folding platform.

TRIAX folding platforms are designed according to the customer's needs and specifications, as each case requires "tailor-made" adaptation to provide the optimal solution for the customer.

Rubber stops are fitted to the dome so that the folding stairs' guardrail follows the shape of the container and provides optimum safety for the operator.

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