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Access on the domes of tankers and containers

Folding stairs for a safe access on the top dome of vehicles


One of the greatest risks of accidents is fall from height. When climbing onto a tanker, the operator often walks on an inclined or slippery surface, which can fatally lead to falls. In addition, working above the manhole is not always correctly secured.

TRIAX folding access platforms guarantee safe access to the tank dome from a fixed position. It is a complementary range to mobile safety ladders, which allow mobile access.


Our folding access platforms exist with a flat floor or with steps, with or without safety cage.

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Our mobile ladders are TÜV-certified and manufactured in France in our Marcilly en Villette workshop.



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Product advantages:

- Fixed access system on tank domes and ISO containers.
- Easy and safe access.
- Work area secured by a safty cage.
- Easy manoeuvrability.
Folding stairs with huge safety cage
Tailor-made quotation
Product advantages:

- Fixed access system on ISO containers.
- Clearance of the area for moving the ISO container via an overhead crane.
- No maintenance required.
Fully folding stairs TRIAX
Tailor-made quotation
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