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» » MOBIPAL ® – the mobile pallet magazine

MOBIPAL ® – the mobile pallet magazine


Pallet handling is a risk that lots of operators are faced with on a daily basis. Bad postures while taking up or depositing the pallets and back pain or hand injuries are only two of the factors inhibiting the well-being of the operators.


TRIAX has applied for the patent of its MOBIPAL®.


With MOBIPAL® there is no more manual pallet handling: accident risk reduction and improvement of working conditions – an ergonomic solution.


The MOBIPAL® is very useful for the distribution of pallets in determined zones after reception of an order.


TRIAX is also supplier for an autonomous pallet stacker: MAGAPAL®.


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Product advantages:

- Easy pallet dispatching.
- Robust construction.
- Prevents RSI and the risk of falling from the top of the pallet stack.
MOBIPAL ® – the mobile pallet magazine
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