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» » » Safety guard gate – Type L
Safety gate / Pallet gate

Scissor system safety gate for hoistway handling


The safety gate type L is especially conceived for hoistway handling but can also be used for pallet transfer by means of a fork lift.


The L-type pallet gate is specially designed for handling with a hoist, but it can of course also be used when transferring loads with a forklift truck.

The special feature of this pallet gate is that it provides full height clearance in the handling area.

This makes the pallet safety gate very useful when high loads (or stacked pallets) are being deposited with a forklift truck.

It is a manual lifting lock in its basic version, but it can also be automated (recommended for example for gates with large width or depth: "automatic lifting safety gate").


All of our safety gates are custom-made according to the customer's specifications.


The pallet gate type L is TÜV-certified and made in France in our workshop at Marcilly en Villette.


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Product advantages:

- Handling by hoist or forklift.
- Height of loads not limited by the gate.
- Easy manoeuvrability.
- Tailor-made.
Safety gate type L
Tailor-made quotation
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