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Safety gates / Pallet gates

Swinging safety gate with front grid


The pallet gate type G has a double functioning: safety gate and grid front protection.

It is equipped with grid on the front side in order to avoid small objects falling down and access through the safety gate during handling operations: it guarantees the safety of the operators on different levels.


Once the loads deposited on the platform, the operator swings over the safety gate. The whole area is safe and the operator can pick up the loads without any risk.


Our safety gates suit the customer's requirements specifications.


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Safety gate type G :

- Prevents small objects from falling.
- Easy manoeuvrability.
gritted gate type G
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Safety gate type GB4 :

- Clearance of the reception area.
- Avoidance of falling for small objects.
- Easy manoeuvrability.
- Reduced ground space.
triax safety lock type GB4
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