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» » How to protect worker access on a vehicle in an industrial environment?
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How to get on the dome of a tanker whilst being safe?

Access to the dome of a vehicle involves many risks for the operator. But even if it is better to favour ground working methods, some interventions on the vehicle dome cannot be avoided, such as taking samples, technical checks of the manhole or cleaning operations on the surface.


To access a vehicle, it is essential to provide adequate facilities or devices to ensure the safety of personnel.

Whether access is via a fixed station or on a vehicle parked in an open space (car park, courtyard), the problems are the same, but the solutions proposed must take into account the environment of the work situation.


There are two categories of fall protection: individual prevention systems (harnesses, lanyards, reels-and-unwind systems) and collective prevention systems (fittings on the tank, installation of a permanent protection system and mobile ladders). As far as possible, collective systems are always to be preferred as they not only prevent falls but also eliminate the source of the risk of falling.


Fittings on the tank are often simple railings, handrails and access ladders.  The ladder is a device integrated into the vehicle, but unfortunately not secured or with an insufficient safety device.


A folding stairway integrated into the fixed station is the ideal solution to guarantee safe access to a vehicle. Its location on the building depends of course on where the vehicle is to be parked. It is a fixed structure throughout which operators can access and work safely on the vehicle dome in a corbelling adapted to their needs. The stairway is foldable and its dimensions are calculated according to the customer's needs.


The mobile safety ladder allows safe access from the vehicle parking place. It is a more flexible and less expensive version, however, its corbelling allows only gurantees safety within a limited area (about 1.60x2 meters).


The new mobile safety ladder with lateral access is space-saving, as it can be moved parallel to the vehicle in a restricted space. It is height-adjustable from 2650 mm to 4400 mm.


For more information, come and take a look at our safety gates, folding stairways and the new mobile safety ladder with lateral access at the trade shows (see folder trade shows)!

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